Buddha w Scissored Fingers Chasing Bird, digital painting by Troy Eittreim

SSurreal digital painting of Buddha manifesting Chasing Bird w Scissors, by Troy Eittreim. Wacky funky folky fine art cartoon

Have you ever run around naked? With a pair of scissors? Chasing your dream lover? Do you want to? Do you or someone you know study at the Lorena Bobbitt School of Love and Sheering? Then this digital painting of Buddha chasing Bird is for you!

Forty miles high, in Fantastic Mountains Wrathful Buddha builds his castle and does his dance to attract Bird.

I was there. I saw him. It was wierd. And bizarre! Now, you can try to climb that mountain, risk gettin your nubbin nipped, if you want. If you think you can out-run that crazy Buddha! Or, you can save yourself the trouble. Purchase my giclee print! Hang it on the wall!

jungle green, olive green, indigo, watermelon, acid green

Are you a believer in Feng Shui? Cool blue waters enhance tree energy of the East, while fiery scarlet red burns it down. Use this desert oasis to maintain tree energy in the East!

Inspired by

Indian miniature

• Limited edition museum quality fine art photographic prints
• Unsigned unlimited edition high quality digital poster prints

This is a wacky digital painting. kookie surreal digital art. I combine digital painting, photo-manipulation and digital collage to create this complex and densely textured computer-generated image of Buddha chasing the birdie.


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