Buddha Giving Sermon to Sea Monster, digital painting by Troy eittriem

Surreal digital painting of Buddha at the beach slapping monster with paddle, teal, fuchsia, by Troy Eittreim. Wacky funky folky fine art cartoon

Were you born up in a Midwest cornfield? Thousands of miles from the Pacific? Are you terrified by sharks? Did Stephen Spielbers’s  70″s Super Hit Jaws ruin your ocean life? Does getting in that water make you pee your pants? Want to over-come that? If you say yes, then this image of buddha paddling the doo-doo outta Sea Monser is for you!

Way out on the very tip of his island, in fashionable fuchsia and lavender knit top, custard yellow shorts, and with magic paddle in hand, Buddha coalesces. Stomping the cool shore waters, he summons sea monster. Splishing and splashing, leaping, diving and snapping, sea monster tries to shuck the sermon.

Would you like to buy a print? I offer four price points!

• Limited edition museum quality fine art photographic prints
• Unsigned unlimited edition high quality digital poster prints

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on Square Market

Teal, Ultra-marine, Fuchsia, Sea-foam Green

Funkie folkie surreal digital painting created on the computer using photo-compositing, photo-manipulation, photo-montage and vector drawing. This is Wacky, Kookie surreal digital art. A cartoonish illustration. Fantasy Art. By self taught digital and computer artist. This is a complex and densely textured computer-generated image  of Buddha knocking the shit outta Sea Monster!


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