In wry humor, I use the computer to counter dystopian thoughts of surging technology, strange new science, wanton resource consumption and environmental destruction. I fuse crisp stylized graphics with painterly imprecision to create charming, highly stylized, quixotic and fantastical scenes. Sailors, celestial beings, bizarre ogres and oafs traverse mountains, waterways and lush oases to investigate the interconnection between man, nature, and technology.

Fine line and hard edge interlace with nuanced marks. Rarefied, refined portions devolve to irregular, conspicuously crude elements and seemingly haphazard expanses. Outwardly unrelated bits sheer, shift and crystallize into sublime compositions filled with delightful inventive twists.

Via a sophisticated, complex layered architecture of scanned analog drawing, vector drawing, digital painting and photography I simulate the chaotic disjointed quality of modern existence, allowing zany, abstracted figures to coalesce—purposefully inexact in multi-faceted sur-reality.



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