Artist Busts String. Crashes!

Banjo neck before improvements

Banjo neck WIP crash!

Yikes! Banjo Bust in WIP action!

Just had this in Illustrator.
Created stylized faded flamed frets – solid peach to translucent cinnamon, outlined for perspective, distance and torque. And a double-lined fire red and black pot edge on old Dixieland Jazz Player’s Banjo neck.
Busted a string! Crashed. I LIKED what I had going in this funky Jazz piece!!
Now ( after telling my story – kinda sucked outta the mood) gotta recreate it. Hope I can. Good news is that since I already did once, and knowing exactly what I want will make it go faster! Ok lets go! Stay tuned folks!
Second attempt to reintroduce  Banjo Pot Lid and Neck , after crash.
image, illustration fix from Photoshop to illustrator back.

Player so Hot Banjo catches fire!

Crisp lines of Banjo Pot Lid and Neck backed off to let layers underneath show through again. Too much still remains.Draws just a bit too much attention.  I prefer the previous layers better.

Buddha in Michael Jackson-like Crotch Grab Pose Illuminating and Dancing Over LA. digital painting by Troy Eittreim

Digital painting of Buddha, with knobby head in Michael Jackson crotch grab pose dancing over Los AngelesThis is a fine art digital painting. Created by pushing pixels in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Its a surreal scene showcasing a humorous figure in cloud scape. Dapper (in Cool, Summer Whites) medal decorated Buddha moonwalks the heavens. With light touch down on world famous Venice Beach, Buddha strikes the pose. Crotch snugged. Toe extended. Holding broad flamed torch my man illuminates the convergence of ancient and modern. Excellent for modern art enthusiasts and exotic interiors. Butch up that bashful blush! sea foam green, aqua, lavender, burnt orange, orange blossom, tangerine, peach color palettes.

July Fourth, Uncle Sam w Firecracker, digital painting by Troy Eittreim

Surreal digital painting. American Red White Blue Uncle Sam Firecracker running down street, Wacky funky folky fine art cartoon

Fourth of July

Are you or someone you know a fan of Uncle Sam Memorabilia? Born on the Forth of July? Politically Minded? Or simply have a Red, White and Blue theme?

This digital painting of Uncle Sam would look great in public office, campaign headquarters or wherever American patriotism abounds!

Black and gray with red, white and blue, touch of yellow and orange.

This image will feel right at home in spaces dedicated to American patriotism.

Would you like to buy a print? I offer four price points!

• Limited edition museum quality fine art photographic prints
• Unsigned unlimited edition high quality digital poster prints

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on Square Market

French Ultra-marine, Red, White, Cobalt  and Burnt Orange

Are you a believer in Feng Shui? Too Bad! Don’t you know Uncle Sam don’t give a hoot about Feng Shui?

Funkie folkie surreal digital painting created on the computer using photo-compositing, photo-manipulation, photo-montage and vector drawing. This is Wacky, Kookie surreal digital art. A cartoonish illustration. Fantasy Art. By self taught digital and computer artist. This is a complex and densely textured computer-generated image of Hunter returning home to find someone has been there.

In Hell, digital painting by Troy Eittreim

Surreal digital painting of Saturn eating dreams and pulling himself, by troy Eittreim Wacky funky folky fine art cartoon

While nudging earthly delights and pointing toward emptiness, Centaur steps down toward a tombstone and throws a flower upon it.