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Modern Man Mowing w Remote Control, digital painting by Troy Eittreim

Humorous, surreal digital painting. Art created on the computer. Abstracted cartoon figure of man in white knicker or shorts, matching suit and shoes w blond yellow hair, remote control and scarlet lawn mower, mowing flowers around blue lake. Olive green, sage, cerulean blue. Fine art by Troy EittreimMan in white  shorts, matching suit and shoes w blond yellow hair, remote control and lawn mower, mowing flowers.


Hungry Ghost in Scarlet Fez and Knickers w Mower and Magic, digital Painting by Troy Eittreim

Surreal digital painting of Hungry Ghost in Red Knickers Mowing Blue Water Desert Oasis with Mudra Magic. This is a surreal digital painting created on the computer using Photoshop and Illustrator for photo-compositing, photo-manipulation, photo-montage and vector drawing. This is funkie, funky, folkie, folky, wacky, kookie surreal digital art, a cartoonish digital collage illustration, fantasy art, by self-taught digital and computer artist Troy Eittreim. This is a complex and densely textured computer-generated image featuring Hungry Ghost using magic and remote control to mow down the desert., by Troy Eittreim. Wacky funky folky (and funkie folkie) fine art cartoon illustration

Has your mow-bot gone bezerk? Trimmed your bush bare? Wanna put a little magic back into your secret garden? If so, this desert oasis ought to spark it right up!

Forty blistering miles out, in the hide-roasting hardscrabble Mojave, under by blazing red-hot sun, Hungry Ghost, in scarlet fez, jacket, matching polka-dot knickers and blue bow tie, uses mudras (mystical hand gestures) and magic to remote mow his shimmering desert oasis.

I was there. I saw him. I saw this surreal vision. And it was bizarre! Now, you can go out there if you want. If you can stand the heat! Or, you can save yourself the trouble. Purchase my giclee print! Hang it on the wall!

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This phenomenal desert oasis image would look fantastic with vivid cadet blue, ecru, cool teal and ash gray!

Are you a believer in Feng Shui? Cool blue waters enhance tree energy of the East, while fiery scarlet red burns it down. Use this desert oasis to maintain tree energy in the East!

Inspired by

Indian miniature


07.04.10web20 x 24 Photoshop Illustrator

Introspective piece, depicting the ineffectiveness of trying to control nature.

As Saturn, digital painting by Troy Eittreim

Surreal digital painting of Old Saturn flowers in beard in Hell pointing, by troy Eittreim Wacky funky folky fine art cartoon

Saturn, the son of Coelus and Titaea or Terra, married his sister Vesta. She, with her other sisters, persuaded their mother to join them in a plot, to exclude Titan, their elder brother, from his birthright, and raise Saturn to his father’s throne. Their design so far succeeded, that Titan was obliged to resign his claim, though on condition, that Saturn brought up no male children, and thus the succession might revert to the Titans again. Saturn, it is said, observed this covenant so faithfully, that he devoured, as soon as they were born, his legitimate sons. His punctuality, however, in this respect, was at last frustrated by the artifice of Vesta, who, being delivered of twins, Jupiter and Juno, presented the latter to her husband, and concealing the former, sent him to be nursed on Mount Ida in Crete, committing the care of him to the Curetes and Corybantes.

I have always found a connection between this myth and mental processes during creative endeavor. So he may stay fresh, and relevant,  the artist must constantly challenge and tear down his own ideas. He must devour them. Annihilate them. And build upon the remains.

Mushrooms symbolize mental leap the creative must make. Birthday cake represents the mental growth through experience.

With four arms and four legs, Saturn is a monster. Hands, behind his own back, tickle one another and form a union. A third hand bridges the gap between mushroom and heart emanations. The fourth, forces in a nod to the ancient Egyptian sculptural dictum of “Left foot forward” – a symbol of power and strength) pushes himself into the psychotic void.

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Fireball Orange, Sky Blue, Indigo, Chocolate Brown

Are you a believer in Feng Shui? Ignite your Fame with this Burning Saturn!

Funkie folkie surreal digital painting created on the computer using photo-compositing, photo-manipulation, photo-montage and vector drawing. This is Wacky, Kookie surreal digital art. A cartoonish illustration. Fantasy Art. By self taught digital and computer artist. This is a complex and densely textured computer-generated image of Saturn creating food for thought!

Sailor Pushing Boat Through Mountains Chasing Bird, digital painting by Troy Eittreim

redbeardHave you ever want to push a boat through mountains?Do buckled shoes make you squeal with delight? Do your friends call you Red Beard? Well, then, this surreal digital painting is for you!