orange bathroom

Horse In (Cold) Shower w Duck and Soap, digital painting by Troy Eittreim

Surreal digital painting horse slipping in shower, cool blue water, orange soap and duck, by Troy Eittreim. Wacky funky folky fine art cartoon

Do you like to shower with friends? Did anyone drop the soap? Did it send you over the moon? Then you will identify completely with this surreal digital painting of Horse slipping and sliding in the shower!

Slip sliding away in frozen shower Horse tries to wash Duck with tangerine orange soap.

I was in that shower! Part of that wild scene! Help me relive my memory! Feel cool and squeaky clean. Buy my giclee print. Hang it on the wall, make sure  it’s the first thing you see when you get outta that steamy shower! Then call me!

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Teal, Cobalt Blue, Chocolate Brown and Tangerine Orange

Are you a believer in Feng Shui? Strong metal with water element makes this prefect for your bath!

Surreal digital painting created on the computer using photo-compositing, photo-manipulation, photo-montage and vector drawing. This is Wacky, Kookie surreal digital art. A cartoonish illustration. Fantasy Art. By self taught digital and computer artist. This is a complex and densely textured computer-generated image of Horse slipping and soaping Duck in Shower!